some of the most recent…

Pamela Wilkins (USA), 2022:

Thank you for being such a great tour guide. You entertained us the entire trip. I have never met another guide who was as knowledgeable and fun to be around as you!!

Dale & Cindy Dutton (USA), 2020:

Thanks to you, we had a wonderful time in your country beautiful country.

Francine Lavin Weaver (USA), 2019:

Thanks so much for such a fun time. I hope our paths cross again someday!

Patricia Pollard (USA), 2019:

Thank you so much for all your help with all my heart. You should be a professor.

Kent & Debbie Wehner (USA), 2019:

Thank you for all that you did to make our trip wonderful.

Suon & Hak Lao (USA), 2019:

Thanks, Luís, for everything. You’re the best!!!

Mary Lynn & Dick Fruit (USA), 2019:

We have so enjoyed our travels with you – all that you have taught us – all the beauty of Portugal and Spain! You are a wonderful, top notch guide and we sincerely hope that our paths cross again. Thank you for everything.

Lorin Carter & Hue Nguyen (USA), 2019:

Thank you for making our trip a most memorable experience! You will be remembered always.

Linda & Alan Levitt (USA), 2019:

Thank you for taking such good care of us this past week You were informative and entertaining, and Alan and I learned so much about Portugal – now we just need to remember at least some of the info we found so interesting. I especially loved the anecdotes – such as the bats in the library! You made our trip hassle-free and a lot of fun and we appreciate your efforts.

Gert Perry (USA), 2019:

Thank you so much for your wonderful guidance on my tour of Portugal You made this wonderful, quaint, historic, scenic, friendly country “come alive”!!!

Julie Sykes (USA), 2019:

What a wonderful trip – you were a fantastic guide!!

Louise Bruno & Robert Alario (USA), 2019:

Thanks for a great trip and super job. You helped make Portugal memorable.

Rita & Mark Schilling (USA), 2019:

It was a fantastic tour. You are so knowledgeable and very interesting to listen to. Thank you for a great trip and all you did.

Adam Matalavy III & Mark Gage (USA), 2019:

Thank you for keeping us safe and on schedule. We will always think fondly of Portugal because of you.

Tom Pugliese & Vivian Li (USA), 2019:

Thank you very much for being such a wonderful host for our stay and tours through the lovely cities of Portugal! We had a great time and already thinking about next trip here. Bob Dylan once said: “some people feel the pain, others just get wet!”. Well, we sure all got wet yesterday, but most time we do feel the culture “rain” through the trip, thanks to your broad knowledge sharing of the country’s deep culture and history!

Christine Smith (USA), 2019:

Thank you so much for your interesting and wonderful leadership throughout the tour. I really enjoyed your great sense of humor! I hop our paths will cross again!

Charles & Patricia Duffy (USA), 2019:

Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge with us over the past week! Our trip was wonderful. Thank you for being part of it.

Sunny & Marcus Look (USA), 2019:

Thank you for the great experience!

Ann Denise Armstrong (USA), 2019:

Thank you for a wonderful time in beautiful Portugal.

Flora Si (USA), 2019:

I had a memorable trip- Thank you for being such a good guide. I love history and you gave me plenty!

Robert & Rebecca Gill (USA), 2019:

You were a great tour manager. Your years of experience deeply shows. (And, you really practice the 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance).

Eileen & Bill Tesch (USA), 2018:

My husband & I went on a Gate 1 Tour in Portugal the last 10 days of July. We had the best tour guide we could ever have hoped for. We travel extensively and have had many great guides, but Luis Lopes is in a class by himself. He in unbelievably knowledgeable. We were amazed at the depth of his knowledge. But more wonderful than is knowledge was the beautiful person he is. He is totally unselfserving and thinks only of providing the best experience he can give others. He is truly kind and caring in every way. We continued on our travels in Europe for the next 3 weeks and realized how fortunate we were to have spent 10 days with such a special person.

Many thanks to Luís and to your company.

Lynn & Joan Harris (USA), 2018:

Our trip with Gate 1 Travel was excellent – as we have come to expect. Luis Lopes, tour manager, was an excellent tour manager and guide. Thanks to Luis, everything went smooth even though he encountered some issues that he managed perfectly. He is a professional and it was evident. We heard many comments from others on the tour praising Luis’s work and we would guess that virtually everyone, if not everyone, felt likewise. Just excellent!

Lisa Fineberg (USA), 2017/2018:

Thanks so much for a wonderful tour! You organized everything so well and shared great and interesting information along the way. We had a marvelous trip! Much appreciated!

Dawn Perez, Katelyn Gouveia, Juliana Gouveia (USA), 2017/2018:

Thank you for making this trip wonderful!

Margarita Pérez and Carmen Pichardo (USA), 2017:

Gracias, Luís, por tu buena guia y orientación durante nuestro tour. Han sido unas vacaciones inolvidables en la que hemos disfrutado y aprendido muchisimo gracias a tu experiencia y vasto conocimiento en la materia.

Gracias de todo corazón.

Donna McLean (USA), 2017:

I wanted to thank you for a fabulous trip to Portugal and Spain. Your Knowledge, sensitivity and wonderful humor was proceless!

It has been a wonderful time and much appreciated.

Mary Dillon (USA), 2017:

Thank you for making my first Gate 1 tour a memorable experience. You impressed me by your availability to assist all tour members and when you walked a senior from our bus across the busy street to the hotel.

Dan & Shelley Hill (USA), 2017:

Thank you so very much for being our guide, helper and protector on this trip. It has been an amazing journey. We have enjoyed your stories and have learned much. God bless you abundantly and may we see each other some day again. In the meantime, be well and enjoy your life’s journey!

Riman Alfadel & Jahanshah Karimaghayi (USA), 2017:

We thank you so much for the lovely week we spent with you on our tour. We enjoyed the historical & educational information you have shared with us.

It was a beautiful tour. We enjoyed it a lot.

Cherrie & Gary Zitlsperger (USA), 2017:

We want to thank you for a very informative and enjoyable tour!

Sheldon & Teresita Brandman (USA), 2017:

We enjoyed our tour of Spain and thank you for making it a wonderful experience.

Rick & Raynor Faber (USA), 2017:

Thanks for a great trip in Spain. Great information!!

Pamela & Douglas Briand, Sandra Mitchell and Howard Dewitt (USA), 2017:

It was a wonderful tour with you. We really enjoyed all your knowledge. We learned so much!! Also you are so pleasant and kind!! Also patient with everyone!

You are very special in your chosen profession!! We will not forget you or beautiful Spain.

Hope to see you again in Portugal!!

Rory & Dorothy Alexander (USA), 2017:

The tour was wonderful and we learned so much. Thank you for your excellent organization, your perfection for details, and your expertise.

Things were perfect in every respect.

Robert & Noelle Crabtree (USA), 2017:

We thank you so much for a wonderful trip.

Your knowledge is great, we learned a lot, we saw a lot, we explored a lot.

We wish you godspeed.

Gregg Murray (USA), 2017:

Just got back home from our 15 day Classic Spain and Portugal Gate1 trip. It was Amazing and our guide Luis was top notch! Luis was extremely knowledgeable and made the Group feel like family together. His expertise in history and the culture were first class all the way.

Molly Clark (USA), 2017:

Thank you for your help and kindness following the accident. You made the trip interesting, fun, informative and over all a great experience.

Vimal & Rashmi Agarwal (USA), 2017:

Thank you for making our trip great and the excellent arrangements every step of the way. Your knowledge is superb plus we enjoyed your stories.

Erica & Joel Feldman (2017):

We loved the trip. Thank you so much for your wonderful wealth of knowledge. We learned so much. We also appreciate your kindness and attention to detail.

Nan Curran & Steven Singer (USA), 2017:

Thank you for making our holiday quite interesting through your insightful comments and points of view. Your historical perspectives of the Iberian culture added to our understanding of the area.

Natalie & Warren Sauter (USA), 2017:

Many thanks for a very well done tour hosting! We had a very educational experience and your professionalism enhanced our pleasure greatly.

LaVonne McCombs (USA), 2016

Thank you very much for taking such good care of us and making this a most memorable journey. You are an excellent tour guide and have the unique ability to make us each one of us feel special.

Wilf & Nola Braithwaite (Australia), 2016

Thank you to make this a memorable cruise for us. We will remember you with fondness and appreciation for your duties.

Bimala Sankar (USA), 2016:

Thank you so much for being our guide. I learnt so much about Spain. It was a dream trip. You are the best guide I had so far. 

Oscar & Ezella DeSouza (USA), 2016:

Thanks for one of the best vacation experiences of our lives!

Lou Calvert & Lynne Dennis (USA), 2017:

Thank you so much for making our trip truly exceptional. Your vast knowledge and the way you shared it – including the wisps of humor – is greatly appreciated. Best lucks to you on your future journeys for as long as you want to do it.

Louise & François Fréchette (USA), 2015

Thank you so much for the wonderful and well documented excursions!

Arlene Shults (USA), 2015

I was together with some others from our trip Sunday evening, and your name came up. We decided we’d like you to guide us everywhere!

Fred Fertik (USA), 2014

Laurie Zimmerman from Paula’s travel agency office just returned from the Douro and you were the Cruise Director (she sang a few songs on your trip)!  She absolutely loved the cruise, and claims you’re the best Cruise Director she ever met (but we already know that)!

Sid Rosen (USA), 2014

It’s been wonderful meeting you. Thanks for thoroughly enhancing the quality of this trip for me.

Sue Wharton (USA), 2014

Thank you for expanding my knowledge about Spain and Portugal. You are an exceptional trip organizer – as far as I could tell everything went smoothly – which tells me you anticipated problems before they were a problem. I ha d a wonderful time – thanks for being such a good host.

Candy Malloy & Renee Bradford (USA), 2013:

It’s hard to believe that you have been doing this for so long – you are so enthusiastic about the history and culture, so patient with the small problems. GET is fortunate to have such a valued employee. Anyone can drive around the countryside but you made this trip a trip to remember.

Jim & Gloria Birchard (USA), 2013:

Thank you so very much for making this a memorable trip. You brought Spain and Portugal alive for us. Morocco and Gibraltar were special treats. We appreciate all the work you did to make this tour great.

Cynthia Couture (USA), 2013:

You are such a wonderful tour director! I appreciate all you did for us. I have a new appreciation of antiques, music, art – not Spanish and Portuguese, but all cultures. Thank you for sharing so much with us. It was a pleasure to spend time with such a knowledgeable, cultured, refined gentleman.

Mary Provence (USA), 2013:

Thank you so very much for making my tour a perfect vacation. Your incredible knowledge of “your countries” helped us all to better understand Iberia. Your sense of humor kept us all interested – to say nothing of your choice of music.

Sumi Tatsui and Mike Levine (USA), 2013:

Thank you for a fantastic journey through Portugal and Spain! We appreciated your command of the history and culture of all the places we visited It made for a memorable trip.

Mary Mountain (USA), 2013:

Thank you for a wonderful tour. I feel lucky to have been on a tour with you as a director. Loved the commentary, historical facts, etc., etc.. and the music. Also appreciated that you kept everyone on time and even the seat rotation worked well.

Betty and Robert Rathbun (USA), 2013:

We enjoyed your narration throughout the trip. You have so much knowledge. We appreciate your positivity and sense of humor. Bravo!

Rose Marie and Sheldon La Tulipe (USA), 2013:

Thank you for a wonderful trip and an unbelievable history lesson. We enjoyed so much your knowledge of the areas. This has been one of our most enjoyable trips with GET and that was due to your patience and pleasantness.

Ann Potter (USA), 2013:

Thank you so much for an unforgettable trip. I particularly enjoyed the historical perspective you provided. I have great respect for your knowledge and your ability to put the information in meaningful context. I appreciate your consistent effort to ensure things run smoothly.

Marshall Potter (USA), 2013:

Thank you for an outstanding tour. I rate your performance superior in every way. You were knowledgeable in so many ways, as well as attentive. You played a major part in our enjoyment of the trip.

Joseph & Naome Rastrollo (USA), 2013:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise about the history and cultural background of Spain and Portugal Thank you so much for that rich information.

Karen & Jo Traiger (USA), 2013:

Thank you for helping to make our trip to Spain and Portugal so special. You made everything work so smoothly and efficiently – which we know takes lots of effort and skill.

Mary Jones (USA), 2013:

Luis Lopes, cruise manager, made it possible to immerse everyone present in every facet of Portuguese culture. His enthusiasm and extensive knowledge is contagious! He not only is brilliant, but his delivery of information is expressed in a clear, concise and interesting manner. We thank him so much!

Fred Fertik (USA), 2013:

Thanks once again for making our journey on the Douro a most pleasant and informative one… without you it would not have been the same… and look forward to hopefully traveling with you once again.

Bridie & Anna Murphy (2012):

Thank you for making our tour such a success and sharing your extensive knowledge on Spain and Portugal. We regard you as the best tour director we have had in many trips to Europe.

You were always so receptive to everyone and ready to answer any question posed to you.

Rhonda and Dennis Greene (USA), 2012:

Thank you for the attention to detail you put into each and every experience.

Dick and Janice Eng (USA), 2012:

Thank you for an enjoyable tour. Your commentaries were exceptional and without peer based on my 30+ years of touring experience. They are clearly presented, concise and, I believe, held everyone’s attention which is no small feat. You are a valuable resource for the company. Thanks, again, for a wonderful tour.

Nancy Jo Whittington (USA), 2012:

Thank you so much for being such a great Tour Director.

You have a deep knowledge of the area and it came through.

Your organization of the trip helped a lot and you were kind and thoughtful to all of us.

I appreciated your attention to details and the way you conducted the tour, the music and the stories will be remembered.

Deborah and Ray Hess (USA), 2012:

Thank you for all your knowledge of the beautiful Portugal and Spain. I learned so much about the each country and enjoyed hearing the history before arriving at each town. Thanks for your good care for us – especially the cultural and historical background about Portugal and Spain.

The whole trip and the optional tours were really good. Deb and I had a wonderful time!

This was our first GET vacation and your care and fun will encourage us to continue a relationship with GET.

Linda Hartman (USA), 2012:

Thanks for such a wonderful week exploring, enjoying and learning about Portugal. The trip has been superb. I will check into other Uniworld trips for future because everything has been so well done (plans, details, coordination).

You have great personality for your work – perfect. Pleasure traveling with you. I’d love to stay another week!

Much appreciation.

Margaret and Harold Puddester (Canada), 2012:

You did a superb job and made our first cruise a truly wonderful experience!

Mary Parker and Gilles Charbonneau (Canada), 2012

Thanks so much for making our cruise so enjoyable. You were very professional and kind.

Hsiu Li Cheng (USA), 2012:

Thank you for the unforgettable experience of our trip to Portugal and Spain. We sure will refer it to our friends.

Nan Rowell & Stephany Breed (USA), 2012:

You were great! The history lessons, the music, your insights into Iberian culture – everything! We’d do it all over again.

Richard and Betty Carroll (USA), 2012:

Thank you for your leadership and many kindnesses to us. You have great patience!

Joe Ramos (USA), 2012:

Thanks so much. This has been one of the most rewarding tours I have been on. Will always keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

Dianna Frank (USA), 2011:

Each day as we traveled through Spain, Luis played classical guitar music by some of Spain’s most celebrated musicians; Narciso Yepes and Paco de Lucia. Luis read poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca and Fernando Pessoa. He talked about local customs and gave us an insight into Spain’s current economics, history and government. In Seville he pointed out the famous Jacaranda trees, which just happened to be blooming.

Needless to say I learned a lot, met some unforgettable friends and had a spectacular trip. I was thoroughly impressed with the organization, consideration, and attention to detail given to each and every traveler by the tour director, Luis.

I had no idea I would see and learn so much on a tour. It’s not just about traveling to Europe, it’s what you take away …in your mind. Armed with all the information I took in, I feel I am still traveling in Spain and Portugal. It’s like a second trip I can experience from home each time I share my pictures.

My trip to Spain, Morocco and Portugal was truly an unforgettable experience. So YES, I’m a convert.

I would definitely book another tour with (name of the tour operator). I now see clearly the advantages of a guided group tour…..I’m a changed person, at home, but still on a tour…

from A traveler’s memories of Spain, posted on the Grand European Tours website; see the whole chronicle here:


Vivian Nestel (USA), 2011:

Your intelligent, open-minded, philosophic narration, complemented by a pleasant voice and delightful sense of humor, was the real highlight of the trip. Thank you for the gift of yourself.

Alice and Murray Blueglass (USA), 2011:

Thank you for making this trip a true memorable one. The many, many “extras” you did for us all and the attention you paid to the big and small details did not go unnoticed.

You shepherded us through the complicated days with ease and we did not worry about anything because you were “in charge”. You helped us with our personal issues.

Thank you again for all your care and expertise and, of course, knowledge about our visits, history, music and more. We learned so much and enjoyed it all, because of your care and professionalism.

Jane and Harry Kawahara (USA), 2011:

Thank you for contributing so powerfully to a wonderful trip for us to Spain, Morocco and Portugal. You are very knowledgeable about places we visited and added mightily to our understanding of the area.

You were always available for us and we appreciated your kindness and helpfulness.

You are a superb teacher – maybe you missed your calling; also your humor was appreciated. We liked your inclusive view of history as well.

Indeed, we need to appreciate and respect all cultures so we can have a more tolerant and peaceful world.

Rod Shingu (USA), 2011:

Sharing one’s knowledge, experience and thoughts is the greatest of all gifts. Thank you for your wonderful generosity.

Mary Fran and Hetcher Lowe (USA), 2011:

Thank you for your thorough care of us during our Portugal and Spain tour. Your organizational skills are remarkable.

Henry and Jean Moraga (USA), 2011:

Thank you for a wonderful tour of your home Portugal and Spain. It was our first trip to Europe and we loved it. Your experience and vast knowledge of history, foods, culture and passion added so much to our experience with you. Thank you again for your help with Hank’s medical problem. So glad we were able to finish the tour.

Dianna Frank (USA), 2011:

Thank you again for a memorable trip. You have inspired me in so many ways. I enjoyed your love of poetry and history of your country. You certainly made our trip a great one.

Chuck and Jackie Bretchner (USA), 2011:

This was our first tour and we loved it! You are a wonderful, knowledgeable guide! Thank you for all your assistance and for making this so special for us.

Judy Burns (USA), 2011:

Thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge about this wonderful part of the world. You made the trip a learning experience along with lots of fun.

Chris Chong (USA), 2011:

Thank you for a wonderful experience in Spain and Portugal. Kirsten and I both feel we got so much insight and history and this helped us understand the places we visited so much more. And not having to care of logistics was wonderful.

Helen Blaney (USA), 2011:

Thank you for a wonderful trip. Your knowledge seems unlimited and I learned so much. You are very organized and made everything go very smoothly. I will remember Spain and Portugal for a long time.

D & C Arellano (USA), 2011:

Thank you for making this trip a wonderful and memorable experience. You are the best Tour Director we have ever had.

Jay McCord (USA), 2011:

Thank you again for a wonderful experience in your beautiful country Portugal, Spain and Morocco – one we will always remember.

Trudy and Andy Johnson (USA), 2011:

Thank you very much for making our trip so enjoyable. Your knowledge of Iberian culture and history was one of the highlights of the tour.

Ellen and Rolf Kates (USA), 2011:

Thanks so much for a great trip. Your explanations and organization were outstanding.

Aedian O’Connor (age 9) (USA), 2011:

Thank you for being with us for our tour. You were very funny and fun to be with. I hope that one day I will come on another tour with you.

Forrest & Elaine Brown (USA), 2011:

You were a “pro” and will always be remembered for making our trip “come alive”. Thank you for sharing your love of country with us. You are the Gold Standard by which all tour guides should be compared!

Pat & Bill Howle (USA), 2011:

You are a wonderful Tour Director. Your knowledge & passion have enriched our trip greatly. Obrigado for all your hard work and help along the way.

Chris & Cally Chilas (USA), 2011:

We thoroughly enjoyed you as our Tour Director. You have great mastery of the English language and we loved hearing your stories and history of Spain and Portugal.

Doug & Young Han (USA), 2011:

Thank you so much for your outstanding job. You made our trip much easier and more enjoyable.

Jo Anne & Frank Walker (USA), 2011:

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour. We loved it!

Cathy and Larry Neil (USA), 2011:

This is our 3rd GET trip. Your overview of the History of Spain, Morocco and Portugal has been fantastic. Not only did we enjoy ourselves, but we learned a lot about the History and Culture of the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to you, everything went very smoothly.

Kenny and Carol Hale (USA), 2010:

You made our trip really wonderful. Your knowledge of all Spain and Portugal’s history is amazing!The extra care you take to make people comfortable and want to learn more is also amazing. We feel you went out of your way several times to meet our needs.

Sheila and Irving Levine (USA), 2010:

We were exceptionally lucky to have you as our cruise director. Your deep knowledge and friendliness showed you were more than just that title.

Jim and Karen Halla (USA), 2010:

Thank you for your time and excellent insights into the History and Life of Portugal & Spain.

Kim and Skip Thaeler (USA), 2010:

Thank you very much for everything. It was a very special trip for us and you helped make it that way.

Betty and Wayne Low (USA), 2010:

You made our trip so much more enjoyable than it would have been without your guidance. We learned many interesting facts and the history of the people and places we visited.

Bill and Carolyn Shomber (USA), 2010:

Thanks so much for a wonderful tour. We both enjoyed the sights and your interesting history and highlights. We wish you many more happy years doing the job you do so well and seem to enjoy.

Billy and Peggy Hitzrot (USA), 2010:

Thank you, Luís, for your enlightening lectures.

Iris and Ken Tyson (USA), 2010:

Thank you for making this an enjoyable trip for us. Your expertise and helpfulness makes you one of the best tour leaders we’ve had.

Lois and Bob Owen (USA), 2010:

We thank you so much for a wonderful tour of Portugal and Spain. You took good care of all of us. You were very organized, yet flexible when necessary. We were impressed with all your detailed knowledge of both Portugal and Spain.

Ed and Amy Lee (USA), 2010:

We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise on the Douro Queen. We enjoyed your presentations – they were very informative and interesting.

Melody Schultz (USA), 2010:

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful Spain & Portugal experience. Your kindness and care of your travellers is most appreciated. Your musical, wine & food, language, history info made this so memorable. Because of you I would travel with GET again.

Jim and Sylvia Galloway (USA), 2010:

Thanks so much, we learned much more than we expected on this tour, because of your commentaries.

George and Beverly Westacott (USA), 2010:

We thank you very much for a very fine trip.  Your vast knowledge and great lectures made the trip very special. We feel that we gained much clear understanding of the Spanish and Portuguese cultures, and developed deep curiosities for future reading and possible trips. You really made the trip enjoyable and we cannot thank you enough. We wish you well on your future trips.

Policarpo de Jesus (USA), 2010:

I have never seen or met a Tour Director as dedicated as you have shown on our Unforgettable Spain and Portugal. To me, you are the unforgettable. I have never heard in the grapevine any resentment or complaint against your actions during our tour. You always came up with a balanced solution, if there was a problem between us, the consumer and management which you represent. Your company should be very proud of you. You met us and set the mood of the tour to have a happy ending all throughout.

Carl and Sue Nipp (USA), 2010:

Thank you for your many kindnesses to us and for your role in introducing us to a Spain and Portugal we had never been exposed to, before this trip. You are an exceptionally fine Tour Director and guide. We appreciated your stories and instruction on the history and culture of these wonderful countries making up the Iberian Peninsula.

Kit and Jim Barbour (USA), 2009:

Jim and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the tour with you. We learned so much about both Spain and Portugal in an easy and sometimes entertaining manner.  We look forward to returning to Portugal one day.

Jean Savage (USA), 2009:

Thank you for making Unforgettable Spain & Portugal a great experience. You have my vote for #1 Tour Director with Grand European Tours.

Elizabeth Garcilaso (USA), 2009:

The trip was wonderful from start to finish. Thanks for doing a great job! We will always remember this trip!

Carol Barbieri (USA), 2009:

This has been a most enjoyable tour due mostly to your sharing your wealth of knowledge of Spain and Portugal. Every trip I go on, I learn more about the people and places of this world we share. Thank you so much for a wonderful trip, for your patience and caring manners.

Jean and Bruce Taylor (USA), 2009:

Your splendid seminar series (with fantastic visual aides) has deepened our cultural layers.

John Natale & Tom Hemlock (USA), 2009:

Thank you so much for a great journey. You’re very knowledgeable, interesting, organized and easy to listen to. Your beautiful country, Portugal, and GET tours could not ask for a better representative.

Kate Sidwell (USA), 2009:

Life is nothing until it is articulated and made into poetry, otherwise it is just

subsistence, not much. That is what you teach your travelers and it is important.

Rosemary & George Fraunces (USA), 2009:

Thank you for a most enjoyable trip – from your expert care in handling all those important details to your superb knowledge of Spain, Morocco and Portugal.

Donna Pietrzak (USA), 2009:

Thank you very much for all your good work. As I told you, you are the best tour guide I have ever had. You have made a good trip “perfect”.

Max and Alan Bortz (USA), 2009:

We thank you so much for making our trip unforgettable! We don’t remember seeing someone work so hard, yet make it seen so effortless.

Richard Alartosky (USA), 2009:

Thank you so much for your expertise! You’re a model Tour Director – very professional, very organized and very patient. And I did appreciate your great sense of humor. You are a wealth of knowledge – a real Renaissance man!

Greta Weekley (USA), 2009:

Thanks so much for a trip that has been a unique delight – due in great measure to your professionalism, knowledge and, most of all, your passion for what you do.

Toni Burchell (USA), 2009:

Many thanks for your superior leadership and your boundless knowledge.

Kathleen and Steve Sidwell (USA), 2008:

We returned home from fabulous tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco. We run a small exclusive studio/gallery on Cape Cod and would love to have an opportunity to write to whom ever we should about the thrill of our tour.

It was so so much more than we could have expected. We feel truly transformed. We had thought of a Smithsonian or University tour but the timing was off. Thank goodness it turned out as it did. Our tour guide, Luis Lopes, from Portugal was unbelievable. He was the equivalent of a college masters course. We will never get over his gracious and brilliant management of the people on the tour and his mastery of history, art and culture. Thank you, again.

Cheryl Impellizzeri (USA), 2008:

Today, as I write this to the background strains of Spanish guitar music, I marvel at the fact that I have been fortunate to visit Spain and Portugal, not once, but twice in the past three years.  The trip in October, 2005 (Spain, Portugal and Morocco) was my first venture to the Iberian Peninsula, a land of mystique, rich in history and culture.  I was continually in awe of the beauty of the southern Spanish countryside, the history of the region and the legacy of discovery I encountered in Portugal. The music, gastronomy and culture of these countries were brought to life by the expert commentary of our tour director, Luis Lopes.  On our approach to Morocco, Luis advised us to “unblock ourselves and absorb”.  This sentiment in particular, summed up the entire trip for me, as I embraced the many sights, sounds, tastes and colors of these beautiful and enchanting countries.

So intrigued was I on the first trip, that I decided to return in October 2008 nearly 3 years to the day (Unforgettable Spain and Portugal), to explore the northern parts of these countries, areas less traveled by tourists, but just as beautiful and inviting.  We had the good fortune of having Luis Lopes as our tour director once again. I was eagerly anticipating my return to Iberia to recapture the feelings of contentment and wonderment that I experienced previously.  I was again enchanted!  The cities, villages, countryside, history, music, food and culture were as impressive this time as they were on my prior trip.

Throughout northern Spain we toured where saints walked and pilgrims trod, tasted local culinary delights and forged westward towards Portugal with Luis at our helm.  Once in Portugal, this trip of discovery continued. Luis reminded us that “traveling is the greatest cultural experience a human being can have.”  I could not agree more.

Dr Pat Humphries (USA), 2008:

You have been a bright jewel in the ways you directed the “Unforgettable Spain and Portugal” tour and in the way you supervised my case when I was in such need. As a Tour Director you are magnificent, adding so many touches of humor, helpful advice and solicitous suggestions. Words seem inadequate to thanks you for your and express my appreciation for your honoring my requests and wishes.

Most of all, you were invaluable in helping my speedy recovery and great enjoyment of the tour. Your handling of and double checking of so many details were noticed and greatly appreciated by me as I have taken care of it all on my past trips. You have shown me that taking a tour can be a stressless experience.

Maggie Kirk (USA), 2008:

This is probably your millionth e-mail, but I wanted you to know how much we appreciated all that you did for us. My sister, Happy Thorne and I were the two oldest folks (in our 80s) on your April 17th tour.  We will never forget you, as we decided after years of tours you were far and away the best tour director we ever had. This trip was a dream of mine to get to Spain and see Salamanca where my late husband, an Episcopal priest and I had planned to study before he became ill. Everything far exceeded our expectations.  We thank you for your enthusiasm, knowledge, and the beautiful music you played for us.  Your herding instinct wasn’t too bad either!

Don Dahl (USA), 2008:

Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I had a great time in Spain , and the tour went very well.  Our tour director, Luis Lopes, took exceptional care of all of us throughout the tour, and was a credit to the company.

Peggy Heidel (USA), 2008:

I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful trip and great memories that we took away from our recent tour. I found you to be very intelligent and professional and you provided that extra something to our tour that elevates a simple trip into something memorable.  You are a seasoned professional and it shows on a daily basis with the interactions between yourself and your clients and your sunny disposition and ability to handle situations put all of us at ease and helped to lift our spirits.

Since you made our trip so interesting, informative and stimulating, we now want to return to Spain and see Barcelona as well as other areas that we missed this time around.  We will consider Grand European Tours in the future but, if we don’t get you as a Tour Director, we will be disappointed as you are a hard act to follow. I have always planned most of our travel on my own and have not been a big tour person, however, this experience has renewed my faith in tours and helped me become a believer.

Roberto and Sylvia Esquivel (USA), 2008:

We all had a wonderful time in Spain and Portugal, thanks to you. Hope some day we can be on another trip and connect with you.

Mark and Rose Tumasian (USA), 2007:

The purpose of this letter is to let you know about the stellar job the Tour Director, Luis Lopes.

First of all, Luis Lopes did a phenomenal job in the way he handled the entire tour.  All of the planned activities occurred as planned and, when an adjustment was necessary in order to accommodate the best use of our time, Mr. Lopes made the changes accordingly.  He kept us well informed as to what was going to take place that night, next day, etc.  His knowledge and passion about the history of Spain and Portugal added immensely to the trip. This was an unexpected big bonus!  We really enjoyed his narratives while on the bus.

We hope this letter enforces and backs the excellent service and attention we received by Luis on our tour.